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$58.88/SET 270pcs/set Work station stencils BGA Reballing Stencil Templates Heat Directly

$58.88/SET 270pcs/set Work station stencils BGA Reballing Stencil Templates Heat Directly
Product Detailed
219pcs of common stencils Work station stencils BGA Reballing Stencil Templates Heat Directly

270 pcs of common stencils Work station stencils BGA Reballing Stencil Templates Heat Directly   direct heating reballing stencils,total:270 pcs 

For 0.30MM Soler Ball (2 pcs)for intel AM82801IUX              0.3mmUniversal stencilFor 0.35MM Soler Ball (5 pcs)for intel AC82GS45 SLB92 E26593(laptop newer intel northbridge)for intel AF82US15W SLGFQ      (laptop newer intel northbridge)for intel AC80566/533          (laptop newer intel-CPU)for intel BD82HM55             (laptop newer intel northbridge)0.35mmUniversal stencilFor 0.4MM Soler Ball (2 pcs)for intel BD82P55( laptop newer intel northbridge)  0.4mmUniversal stencilFor 0.45MM Soler Ball (7 pcs)       DDR1       DDR2      DDR3    for intel AC82GM45//82PM45//82GL40//AC88CTPM    for intel AC82P45//AC82P43      CG82NM10(laptop newer southbridge)0.45mmUniversal stencilFor 0.5MM Soler Ball (37 pcs)ATI 1100//1150// AMD ATI 216MQA6AVA12FG 038SSP 0738SSP RS690M ATI 21515//216-0707011//M72-S//M82-S//ATI0909SSP//216-0707001 ATI 21514//216PVAVA12FG//215CDABKA15FG//M64-M//M74-MATI 700M //ATI200M//RC415MD//RC415M/216DCP5ALA11FGATI 216-0708020//216-0728018//ATI HD4570ATI 215-0308003//215-0708003//0803SSP ATI RS800ME//RS600ME    ATI IXP600//SB600  ATI SB700//RD780ATI 215-0719090      ATI 215-0669065 ATI 218-0697010ATI 215-0758000  ATI 215-0735003  ATI IXP460    ATI X1300 NV MCP67MV-A2//MCP77MV-A2NV MCP7A-P-B1        NV NF-6100-N//8200//8400//8600 NV NF-200-SLI-A2//BR04-300-A2NV NF-680I-SLI-N-A2NV NF-7150-630I-A2     NV GFGO7200//7300//7400-N-A3//6200AGP//G86-630-A2 NV GF104-325-A1 NV G96-600-A1//GT215-450-A2NV G200-103-B1         NV G94-300-A1NV BR03-N-A3for intel LE82965//82P965//82P31 for intel QG82945P//82945GC for intel QG945GM//QG945PM  for intel 82PM965//GM965            for intel QG82945GMS      for intel QG82915GMS       for intel CPU:N475  VIA MSP II   0.5mm Universal stencilFor 0.55MM Soler Ball (1 pcs)0.55mm  Universal stencilFor 0.6MM Soler Ball (77 pcs)NV GO6200//7200//7300//7400//G84-303-A2//G86-771-A2 NV NF-G6150-N-A2//NF-6100-A2NV NF430-N-A3//NF-410-N-A3  NV 6800LE//FX5900 NV NF4-N-A3//NF4-A3  NV NF550//NF570 NV GO6800-B1NV G80-100-K1   NV NF-GO150  NV FGO5200   NV GO5200      NV 4200GO NV MX440 NV HSI-A4      NV NF250 NV FX5700      NV 420GOATI X1600//RV516//X1300//X700//X1400/X1700  ATI 9000 64M//M9-CSP64//216T9NGBGA13FHG ATI 200M//RS480M//216MPA4AKA22//M64-P    ATI RC410MB//ATI200 M      ATI 7500//9000//CSP-32      ATI IXP400//IXP450      ATI 9200//9600//9700//X300//X600ATI R480  ATI R360    ATI 9000IGP      ATI 9100 IGPATI M6-C16      ATI X1800ATI 9600-T2ATI 218BAPAGA12FATI 215-0718020 ATI 215RGMDKA13FG VIA CN896//VN896//P4M900VIA K8M890VIA CX700MVIA 235MVIAVT8237A//VT8237//VT8235  VIA VT8237R  VIA VT8237S 0.6MMVIA VX700 0.6MMVIA PN800SIS 671//SIS671DX      SIS M661MX M661GX      SIS 964L       SIS 965LSIS 968  SIS 648FXSIS 756SIS 662 SIS 655FXIS 307ELV  for intel N270-1.60GHZ/512/533 N270//SLB73//AU80586GE025Dfor intel 82801GBM//82801GR//82801GB// NH82801GHMfor intel 82801HBM//82801IBM//NH82801HEM for intel 82801IB//82801IR//82801IO    for intel 82801FBMfor intel 82801HBfor intel 82801BA      for intel AC82X38 for intel AC82X58      for intel QG82915P //NG82915G   for intel QG82915PM//GM for intel RG82865PE         for intel QG500Pfor intel 775CPU1828-0206//1825-0206//1825-0220DCM56639/BCM56639 CIZBZ0003716 M1697-AIBM1573 A1 MT5363MT53880.6 (pitch=1.0mm) Universal stencil   0.6 (pitch=0.9mm) Universal stencil  0.6 (pitch=1.1mm) Universal stencil For 0.76MM Soler Ball (31 pcs)for intel M1671      for intel 845GL//845GV      for intel 855GME//855GM       for intel 82801DBM//82801DB      for intel RG845MP//855PM      for intel 82801EB  for intel 82801AAfor intel 478for intel 479// LE80539//SL6F5for intel FW82815EPfor intel RG82875for intel 754CPU ATI 216PS2BFA22H\\320M/330M/340M/345M  ATI AMD SOKET SI CPU ATI IXP150SIS 630E//SIS630    IS 630SSIS 760LV     SIS 650 SIS 962VIA VT82C686BVIA K8M800VIA VT82C694XVIA K8T800VIA VN800VIA P4M800MCP8245BCM53242PN133T                M1535+0.76 (pitch =1.27mm) Universal stencilGame stencil 22pcsfor XBOX 360 GPU      for XBOX 360 CPU      for XBOX 360 CSP     for XBOX 360 HANA      for PS3 GPU      for PS3 CPU(newer )for PS3 CPU(old)     FOr PS3 CXR714120      for PS3 CXD2964GB      for PS3 CXD2973GB       for WII GPU(newer )for WII GPU(old)   for WII CPU(newer )for WII CPU(old)XD2949CGBCXD9799GPCXD9833GB CXD2980BGBCXD9209GBCXD2976GBCXD2992GB CXDT203-15

$58.88/SET 270pcs/set Work station stencils BGA Reballing Stencil Templates Heat Directly

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